The Oliver Typewriter

Secrets of the Oliver

Marty Rice offers tips for maintaining and operating various mechanisms found on the Oliver typewriter.

Episode I

Left Margin & Carriage Return

Episode II

End-of-Page Paper Gauge

Episode III

Carriage Removal

Episode IV

Draw Band Replacement

Episode V

Carriage Hook Replacement
& Line Spacing

Episode VI

Variable Line Spacer

The Vintage Type

Bryan Haddix explores many aspects of Oliver typewriters in his informative video series.


Buying an Oliver

Meet the
Oliver No. 6

Oliver No. 6 Cleaning
Part I

Oliver No. 6 Cleaning
Part II

Oliver No. 3
Draw Band Attachment

Reassembling the
Oliver No. 6

Adjusting the
Ribbon Vibrator

Replacing a Type Bar
Part I

Replacing a Type Bar
Part II

Spring Drum

Finding an
Oliver Courier

Part I

Part II

Things to Adjust
Under Your Oliver

Aligning the Uppercase
and Lowercase

Bits and Pieces
You May Need

Adjusting the

Packing an Oliver & a
Trip to Ace Typewriter

Oliver No. 5

How to Fix a
Warped Spacebar

Straightening Bent
Type Bars