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Ephemera & Misc. Items

Presented on this page are the items I own relating to Oliver typewriters including advertisements, letterheads, postcards, furniture, etc.


Century Magazine | March 1902

Everybody's Magazine

Harper's Magazine | April 1906

McClure's Magazine | March 1899

McClure's Magazine | October 1911
Century Magazine | March 1903

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly | August 1900

Harper's Magazine | 1907

McClure's Magazine | March 1906

Here is a letter written to a potential customer discussing the reduced pricing strategy the Oliver Typewriter Company implemented to help sell the Oliver No. 9.

Letterhead Pg. 1
Letterhead Pg. 2

This photo is on a postcard that came with an Oliver No. 3 I purchased from a local antique store. "Clarksburg, W. Va." is handwritten above the photo.

Printype Pamphlet

This pamphlet advertises the optional Printype typeface introduced on the Oliver Nos. 5 and 6.

Printype Printype Printype
Printype Printype Printype
The Oliver Maintenance Kit & Oil

The Oliver Typewriter Company offered a sort of "maintenance kit" so that the Oliver could be properly maintained by the operator. These kits were sold in little black cardboard boxes measuring 6½" long by 1⅞" wide by 1⅛" tall. They originally came with four tools:

  • Bristle brush: Displays "OLIVER" on the handle. Used for cleaning type. This brush had a white handle made of ivory in earlier kits. Later kits used a brush with a black wooden handle, seen below.
  • Screwdriver: Green-handled flat-head used for making minor adjustments.
  • Horsehair whisk brush: Most likely used for removing light dust.
  • Paintbrush: Fine tipped with black handle.
  • Also note that some of these kits have been found with a small Revilo typewriter ribbon ad. Revilo is the brand Oliver used brand to sell ribbons, ribbon tins, and accessories, possibly including these kits.

    These kits also may have come with The Oliver Typewriter Oil. This oil was packaged in its own box measuring 1⅛" long by 1⅛" wide by 2⅛" tall. The glass bottle is embossed with "The Oliver Typewriter" on one side while the other side bears a label. This oil comes with its own corkscrew. Below is my unopened bottle with original box and corkscrew.

    The Oliver Typewriter Maintenance Kit
    The Oliver Typewriter Oil (not to scale)

    Occasionally, a flyer for Revilo Typewriter Ribbons measuring 3" by 5" is found within these kits.

    The Oliver Flat-Top Typewriter Desk

    The desk in my collection (shown below to the left) is nearly identical to Style No. 602-A as seen on page 5 in Revilo Catalog No. 9 (shown below to the right). The only major difference is that my desk has an open back whereas the version presented in the catalog has an enclosed back. My desk is technically branded as a Lincoln desk that was manufactured by the Commercial Furniture Company in Chicago. I believe the Oliver Typewriter Company had an agreement with this furniture company to market some of their furniture in Oliver/Revilo catalogs. None of these desks appear to have "Oliver" displayed on them.

    Revilo Catalog No. 9 (page 5)
    Peter Weil Archives


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