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Presented on this page are the few items of ephemera I own relating to Oliver typewriters including advertisements, letterheads, postcards, etc.


Century Magazine | March 1902

Everybody's Magazine

Harper's Magazine | April 1906

McClure's Magazine | March 1899

McClure's Magazine | October 1911
Century Magazine | March 1903

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly | August 1900

Harper's Magazine | 1907

McClure's Magazine | March 1906

Here is a letter written to a potential customer discussing the reduced pricing strategy the Oliver Typewriter Company implemented to help sell the Oliver No. 9.

Letterhead Pg. 1
Letterhead Pg. 2

This photo is on a postcard that came with an Oliver No. 3 I purchased from a local antique store. "Clarksburg, W. Va." is handwritten above the photo.

Printype Pamphlet

This pamphlet advertises the optional Printype typeface introduced on the Oliver Nos. 5 and 6.

Printype Printype Printype Printype Printype Printype Navigation

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