The Oliver Typewriter


The Oliver carriage can easily be removed from the frame of all downstrike models excluding the No. 1. This ingenious feature allows for easy cleaning, maintenance, and swapping carriages of different lengths. By pressing the escapement release and right margin release, the carriage is able to slide off the left side of the machine.

Since the carriages were removable, the serial number was stamped onto the frame of the machine and onto the back of the carriage. If the serial numbers match, the carriage is original to the machine. Today, Olivers are occasionally found with carriages from a different machine, even a different model altogether. All carriages from models 2 through 16 are mechanically interchangeable.

The standard Oliver carriage length (Short Carriage) is 10”. The standard Long Carriage lengths are 12”, 15”, and 18”. A 40” Long Carriage was also produced. The Oliver could be purchased with only the Short Carriage, a Long Carriage, or one of each. Because of the latter option, some Olivers have been found with multiple carriages of different lengths with matching serial numbers.

The carriages of the second generation Oliver No. 15 machines were labelled with letters to designate their lengths:

A Carriage -   10”
B Carriage - 12”
C Carriage - 15”
D Carriage - 18”

Oliver No. 5
S/N 280651
18" Carriage
Oliver No. 5

Oliver 3 Models
"Oliver No. 3 Models" pamphlet, page 24
Oliver 3 Models
Oliver No. 9 pamphlet, back insert